Matrix Chess

Game Redesign, Concept

Game redesign “Matrix chess”.

 Chess is one of the most famous games, I had an idea - design chess on the "Matrix" theme. The main reason that I chose the Matrix-chess - is because no one had yet thought about it.

The design process included individual creation of every character in the game, creation of the shadows of every character, creation of the board game with pattern of "Matrix" and creation of mockups, that in every one of them I had to reassign every player and his shadows in accordance to the directions of light in the picture.
The target audience - teenagers from the age of 12 and adults (without limit on age), especially who knows “Matrix".
Women and men, secular, prestigious, lovers of special art and special gifts.

The unique elements of the project - it is actually all the characters except Neo and Trinity. The main challenge was in this because the movie was released in 1999 - there are no high quality pictures of the characters on the internet.
What I needed to do - find individually each body for the character that I made, find the head of the actor and to combine them together.
The Matrix-chess is consisted of black and white chess pieces.
The black pieces are consisted of - Neo as a King, Trinity as a Queen, Morpheus as a Bishop, Oracle as a Knight, Key Maker as a Rook, and Pawns - the soldiers of Zion: Zee, Dozer, Tank, Link, Niobe, Captain Ballard, Cas and Kid. 
The white pieces are consisted of - Agent Smith as a King, Queen, Bishop and a Knight. The Twins as rooks and the Robots as pawns.

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